Dipping my toe in…

“You started a new business? You teach cooking? That’s so cool! What’s your website?”

Thud. “Um, I don’t have one.” [Cue startled look/eyes filled with pity]

Well, now I do. Have a website, I mean. This is my homemade affair, cobbled together at night after the kids go to bed. Forgive me. It’s a start. I have big dreams for a much prettier, more design-y and functional website. One day I will pay a qualified professional to do this…

You can find upcoming classes on the calendar page. I also teach private classes in the comfort of your home – or in the Toast teaching Kitchen in Fort Greene. We host a Supper Club a few times each year. If you’d like to be on the mailing list for these delicious experiments, please add your name to the mailing list (top of page, right).


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2 Responses to Dipping my toe in…

  1. katie emmet

    Looks just fine, Nan! Congratulations.

  2. Susanna Doyle

    Wonderful – a terrific start to a great new business!